Friday, December 15, 2017
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Vehicle Signage

Vehicle wraps are fast becoming a popular low-cost means of advertising. And it benefits both the clients and the everyday driver.

An innovative method of advertising a business by creating a moving billboard on a vehicle. It allows your business to be seen by thousands of potential customers wherever you drive!

If you own a business then Vehicle Wrap, Truck Wraps, Bus Wrap, SUV Wraps, Van Wraps, Boats Wrap and Car Decals make great advertising.

7 Reasons why you should wrap your vehicle today:

• Affordable and cost effective method of advertising compared to other traditional forms.
• Take advantage of company owned vehicles by converting them to rolling billboard advertisements.
• Great return on investment - Unlike billboards that require recurring monthly fees, a "one time purchase" vehicle wrap lasts about 5 years.
• Protects the vehicle - Vinyl wraps actually protect the vehicle exterior which may assist in creating a higher residual value.
• Provides marketing exclusivity since you own the space and have the ability to control the advertising.
• Prime locations - pick and choose when and where to deliver your message.
• Media has become more fragmented with so many available choices. Mobile Media rises above this clutter with "In your face - consumer direct marketing".

At Nelsigns we recognize that a great car graphic starts with a great design. Our creative team of graphic designers are available to work with any client that needs assistance in designing a wrap.

Once we learn your design objectives and gather specific information from you, concepts are then provided via e-mail for your approval. Upon final design approval, materials are printed and installation is scheduled at your convenience.

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